Relocating Your Dresser With Mirror Easily

Moving a dresser is already difficult however a dresser with mirror is much more difficult to move because of its weight and fragility. The following article is to give you some advice in order to achieve a smooth move.

While moving a dresser may seem difficult sooner or later you will find an effective way to move it. Indisputably you will face difficulties if you don’t have a complete plan of how to achieve an easy move without hurting yourself or your furniture nonetheless a dresser with mirror makes the endeavor even more difficult. The fragility of the mirror means that you need to take some extra precautions in order to prevent accidents and make sure that your furniture won’t suffer damage during the transfer as well. To this point Quick Pick Movers is here to give a complete plan of how to treat such furniture while moving so as to be able to sidestep any possible difficulties. In addition, having in mind the difficulties that may arise you will be able to respond fast and effectively making your move an easy one. Thus if you want to save both a lot of time and unnecessary effort just follow our plan. Here we go.


To begin with, one of the basic problems while moving bulky and heavy furniture is weight. If you try to move a dresser having the drawers filled with contents soon you will find out that you should better make some sort of preparation before you move the furniture. A dresser is already heavy and its contents make it even heavier. Thus, you need to empty the dresser out of its contents before the transfer in order to reduce weight and make the move easier. Empty one drawer after another and put your possessions in boxes securing with a lot of moving tape. Here is a helpful tip that is to help you make the unpacking easier too. Use a piece of painters tape and a pen to label each drawer and the boxes respectively. Doing so you will have an image of what goes where while unpacking, saving time and avoiding mess. On the other hand, if your dresser is still too heavy to be transferred easily you may have to take the drawers out and move them separately in order to reduce some extra weight. You should also remove the mirror as well. The mirror is the most fragile and delicate piece of the furniture that needs extra care in order not to suffer damage during the transfer. However, if the mirror is not to be removed or if there is any glass or marble set into the finish of the furniture then thorough padding is more than essential. In case that your mirror can be removed you can wrap it with several layers of a moving blanket and tape it with moving tape and then place it in a box. On the other hand if your mirror is not to be removed or in case that you negotiate marbles or glasses then pad with several layers of bubble wrap and then wrap with moving blankets always securing with tape. Then tape flattened cardboard over the fragile surfaces in order to reserve extra protection.
Padding is also essential for the rest of the furniture’s surfaces as accidents may occur causing permanent damages to your dresser. To prevent this possibility you can wrap the dresser with moving blankets and tape it. In case that you are moving the dresser along with the drawers you can tape them before padding in order to keep them in place. Mind not to use moving tape directly to the furniture as it may destroy its surfaces. Choose painters tape that removes easily.  Last but not least, if your dresser is too heavy to be moved in hands you will need some extra equipment. Rent or borrow a trolley/dolly to carry the dresser with. Put the dresser on top of the dolly and secure with moving straps to keep it stable. Move slowly and carefully to the new location.


Moving a dresser is a demanding and difficult process. Knowledge, patience, special equipment and a lot of time are essential in order to achieve a safe transfer. You can always try but if you find that you are not able to cope with such an endeavor you should better let professional movers do the transfer for you. Hiring a Furniture Removalists company you save time, effort and a lot of money while making sure that your possessions will be transferred fast and safely. Remember no problem is unsolvable, just take into account all options and choose the one that best serves your needs.