Move a Conference Table

Moving a conference table by yourself is a big challenge. Smart ideas and helpful moving tips will make the endeavor easier. The following article is to help you make your move a breeze!

It is true that conference tables are rarely relocated. Even the installation of such a piece of furniture is difficult making people think it twice when the time when the time for relocation has come. In any case, a renovation of your office or moving it to a new address may require a conference table move as well.

Conference tables are not only heavy and bulky but also fragile. Most of the conference tables in office have a glass or granite top that needs extra care while moving so as not to break. In addition a sophisticated table base made out of wood or metal is very common but also too heavy to be moved. Even so there is no reason to worry about, Quick Pick Movers are here to give you all the information you need as for how to make your conference table move as smooth as possible.

Moving Tips for Making The Relocation Easier

Moving a conference table is a difficult and demanding endeavor. One reckless move and your table will end up cracked and damaged. For this reason you should better have a clear and complete plan of how to achieve a safe and easy move. First of all, such a fragile piece of furniture needs to be thoroughly padded in order to avoid damages while moving. Conference tables are too expensive so think it twice before you move your table without having packed every piece in advance. You can use many different packing materials namely bubble wrap, paper, towels and tissue. We recommend moving blankets as they are easy to use while providing high protection. No matter if you move to another office or in another location in one room you should better separate the top from the base. This way you will be more efficient as the two pieces are usually made of different materials which means that they will need different ways of protection too, not to mention that your move will be much easier if you manage to make the furniture lighter.

Thus, wrap the top of your table with moving blankets and secure with a lot of tape. If you have a glass top consider making more than one layer for extra protection. Then you will have decided whether or not you have to disassemble your table. If your conference table required assemble once it was originally installed you may need to follow the beaten track. Moreover, if you are going to pass through narrow passages or doors or if you don’t have many friends to help you move such a heavy piece you should better disassemble the table. Use the manufactures instructions to help you disassemble the table and mind to save all hardware in a small box or a plastic bag. If you don’t have the instructions in hand disassemble every piece and take notes in order to facilitate the reassemble too. Under no circumstances the table base will need a thorough padding too. Scratches and breaking may occur while moving so having your furniture protected will reduce the chances of damage.

Then you are ready to move your table. Do not pull heavy furniture across the floor. Have many friends to help you lift your conference table to its new location. Nonetheless, if your table is too heavy to be carried in hands you may need to use special equipment. Rent or borrow a trolley/dolly to carry the pieces of the table with if needed. You can easily get one in the stores or even better search the internet for the one that best serves your needs in a low price. Place carefully the table on top and move slowly to the new location. Finally, remember not to place few pieces at a time in order to avoid damages because of the weight.


Following the plan above you will be able to achieve a smother move. Nevertheless moving such a fragile and heavy piece of furniture will prove an extremely tiring and stressful process for amateurs. On the other hand there is the option of professional movers that have all the experience and equipment needed to guarantee a fast easy and safe move. What is more hiring a cheap and reputable furniture removalists company you will be able to save both a lot of effort and money while you will be sure that your furniture won’t suffer damage too. The choice is yours!