Moving an Office Compactus

Move office compactus is necessary when doing office relocation. If your office does a lot of filing, then this would more than likely be a compactus. The first step to move office compactus is to remove all the files and folders from the compactus. Most offices have some sort of sorting system. This is usually alphabetical or numerical depending on their needs. Make up a few boxes and label them according to the above system. Remember not to overload each box as it will need to be lifted. It is often better to use two smaller boxes than one large box.

How to move office compactus

If you label and pack accordingly, it will make it much easier to unpack (and move around the office) at a later date. Once you have finished unpacking all the files and folders it is time to dismantle the compactus.

It is a good idea to take a few pictures or even better use your smart phone to video you taking apart the compactus. This will make it easier to reassemble at a later date. If you know the make and model of the compactus, you can google for the instructions and keep a copy to assist you later.

Go to any bank and ask for “change deposit bags” these are great for storing all the small screws, bolts and other pieces that come from dismantling your office compactus. Be sure to use one bag per compactus so you know how many parts are required to be put back into each compactus. Once you are completed sort your compactus into similar parts as per below:

Move Office Compactus (Part 2)

When moving the compactus parts, consider the weight of each part and how you are going to prevent it from being damaged. If it is damaged it may prevent the compactus from being put back together. A good way to protect each piece is to bubble wrap each piece or using a movers pad or blanket to wrap multiple rows or rails.

Remember not to put too many items together as they need to be lift bale by one or two people and carried downstairs and into removal vehicles. Let’s move on to transporting the compactus. Try to get the moving vehicle as close as possible to the pickup point and if available use the tailgate of the vehicle to reduce or eliminate any stairs. Doing this at pickup and drop off will reduce the chance of damage to the compactus, reduce the load and unload time and reduce any risk to staff.

Once you have placed all parts into the moving vehicle make sure they are fasted correctly so they will not move about and damage each other or other items in the truck. Use ties, straps or chocking to reduce movement to the barest minimum.

When driving the moving vehicle go at a safe speed and try keeping motion as constant as possible. Avoid sharp turns, harsh breaking or rapid steering. Keeping the compactus free from damage is a top priority.

When arriving at the drop off point, try to park the vehicle in a safe unloading space away from traffic and pedestrian foot paths. If you are moving a compactus in the city, try plan the move out of business hours or on weekends. When setting up your compactus, make sure it is in the correct position. Using masking tape, plot the dimensions of the compactus on the floor to make sure the files and folder are accessible by all staff and from all directions. Ensure the sliding rails are straight and also that there is enough room on both ends for movement.

It is useful at this point to get another person to have look as “fresh eyes” may spot something you have missed. When reassembling the compactus test each section fully before moving on to the new section. If you need any help refer to the video, pictures and instructions you created in the previous steps.

Congratulations, you have now learnt how to move an office compactus.