Piano Easy Move Tip

Easy Piano Move

Easy Piano Move

Moving a piano seems to be difficult but things get easier if you know how to achieve a smooth move. Here are some useful moving tips that will make your piano move as smooth as possible.

Music plays an essential role in human’s life. It makes people calm down and relax. Especially the gentle sound of a piano raises sweet emotions and makes people well being. This is the reason why many people have a piano at their homes. Even if they don’t know to play the piano some people have one in their possession as this instrument is also a wonderful piece of furniture. However, moving a piano may be a brainteaser if you don’t know how to do it right. A professional piano removalists can make the transfer of a piano a breeze. Considering that a piano is very delicate to be moved by amateurs you should better hire professional movers to help you, but if there is no other way you will find the moving tips of this article extremely useful.

A Piano Move

Being a musician my wife loves pianos. Last year I decided to buy one for her birthday and she was amazed to see a beautiful large upright piano in our bedroom. However, she thought that it would be better if we moved our piano in the living room. This transfer was a difficult one as the piano is too heavy to be moved. Moreover, upright pianos have a high back that usually tops out at 60 inches making it even more difficult to be moved. Nonetheless, having a good idea of how to cope with piano move makes things easier. Here are some useful piano moving techniques that will help you make it through with a piano move.

Moving Tips

There are different kinds of pianos, upright pianos are noticed for their high backs and grand pianos are distinguished for their length. Under no circumstances moving a piano requires both knowledge and a lot of responsibility. This is what you should do while mobbing a piano. First of all, you may know that many pianos have metal casters so it seems that it would be easy to be transferred rolling them around. However, this is not the safest way to move a piano as the casters are usually decorative. They can only move the piano a few meters and they are not recommended for a piano move.

Moreover, usually casters tend to deteriorate especially when the piano sits in one place for a long time. If you try to roll around the piano there is also another risk. In case that the casters don’t function properly they can cause the legs to break. Thus you should find another way to transfer it. Considering that a piano is too heavy to be carried, using a four wheeled dolly would reduce its weight to nothing. Rent a piano dolly and place your piano carefully on its side. Use ropes in order to balance and secure the piano on the dolly.

This way you will be able to transfer the piano without the risk of a fall that would be disastrous for this valuable instrument. Have as many people as you can to help you in order to make sure that your piano won’t suffer damage. For a better secure, use packing materials to cover the piano. Bubble wrap, movers’ blankets, tissues and paper are easy to be found in market and they can protect the piano from scratches. Use enough plastic tape in order to tighten the padding. This way your piano will be properly secured.

Last but not least, keep in mind that making slow and careful moves reduces the chances of an accident. Have at least five people to help you. They need to hold the piano in balance during the transfer. Transfer the dolly slowly from one place to another and carefully remove it from the dolly. Following this plan your piano move will be done without problems.

An Easy Move

The moving tips above will help you move a piano easily. However there is always the option of a Piano Moving company that will surely meet your needs and transfer your piano fast and safely. Professionals are well trained and experienced enough to make a piano move a breeze. They will also help you save time and effort while reducing the chances of damages. Take into account all the options available and make the right decision for making your piano move easier.