Hot Tub Relocation: Tips and Precautions

Hot Tub Relocation

When it comes to relocating a hot tub is by far one of the most difficult items to move. However some helpful tips can help you tackle the endeavor by yourselves. Read the following article and make your move as easy as possible.

The move is a good opportunity to discard your possessions, see what you really need and what you can take to the new house. However sometimes people decide to leave some of their possessions behind just because they consider their transfer to be extremely difficult.

If you purchase a hot tub for your home then the transfer to the new one may seem a brainteaser nonetheless leaving it behind would equally be a vexation.

On the other hand if you found a steal and you are going to buy a hot tub for your home the transfer still remains an issue. Yet don’t give up! Quick Pick Movers can give you a complete plan of how to achieve a safe and smooth move.

All you have to do is read the next few lines and find all the tips and precautions that will help you make your hot tub move easier.

Preparing a Hot Tub Move

Hot tubs are too heavy and bulky making their transfer extremely difficult. What is more hot tubs consist of fragile equipment, the heater, blower and pump as long as a sensitive and complicated system of plumping and electrical units. In order to prevent damages and problems to your hot tub’s function thorough preparation is more than necessary. Start preparing the hot tub a few days before the day of the move. First of all remove all water from your hot tub in order to make the transfer easier.

Drain the hot tub completely minding to check the pipes as well. Compressed air will help you remove any water left in the pipes if needed. Then you are ready to disconnect all electrical and gas lines and if possible the equipment pack too. You can move the cover separately but as for the equipment pack you should better consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Given that there are different brands of hot tubs each of which recommending different treatment, check yours before you decide whether or not you can take the equipment pack separately.

Pad and pack the removable parts thoroughly in order to protect them from cracking and scratching. Use moving blankets, bubble wrap or even towels to wrap the accessories and secure with painters tape that removes easily. Then put these items in cartons and write with a pen “Fragile equipment” in order to alert caution.

The Transfer: Tips

The weight and bulkiness of a hot tub makes the transfer in hands a tooth. Thus unless you have a lot of friends to help you, you need special equipment to move the hot tub with. A large flat dolly can be the key for this case. You can easily find the one that you need in the stores or ask your movers to give you the equipment that you need.

Take the dimensions of your hot tub and buy or borrow the dolly that you need. If you find that your hot tub is too big to be carried on one dolly you can use two dollies tightly tackled together with ropes. Have some friends to help you place the hot tub on top and use straps or rope to keep the hot tub steady. Move carefully and slowly to the new location having people holding the hot tub all the way and use ramps for rough ground.

The Option of Professional Movers

It is true that a hot tub move is not a simple and easy task actually it’s far from it. Nonetheless the plan above will help you find solutions to some major issues of such an endeavor in order to be able to achieve a smoother move. Yet not everyone can make it through with this kind of move that is not only extremely tiring but also risky.
Every little mistake can hurt you or cause damages to your hot tub. Thus if you still find the move difficult consider hiring professional movers. A furniture removalists company would be able to move your hot tub easily helping you save time and money. Take advantage of high moving services in low prices and enjoy a tireless move!