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Why you should hire experienced pool table movers?


Most pool tables need to be partially disassembled to make transport possible, so you need a specialist who has skill and experience in the field and who will provide some extra care and attention to detail.

Quick Pick Movers has the experience and expertise to:

  • Remove the legs from your pool table.
  • Safely manoeuvre it through the house on the correct trolley and lift it into our truck using a hydraulic hoist.
  • Secure it properly in our truck for transport to its new location.
  • Safely remove it from our truck and carefully reassemble it in its new home.
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Make Quick Pick Movers your first choice for moving your pool table around Melbourne, from the country to Melbourne, or from Melbourne to regional or rural Victoria.

Specialist pool table and billiard table movers – we have performed hundreds of pool table moves around Melbourne and Victoria, which have built our skills and experience.

Prompt and professional removalists – our uniformed staff members take pride in their work and will arrive on time with the right tools and equipment.

Cheap pool table movers – Quick Pick Movers offers top-quality service at a fair price all around metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria.

Insurance protection – in the unlikely event of damage to your pool table during the move, you can rest assured that we have full insurance cover.

Reduced price with a house move – you get a 50% discount on your billiard table move if it is done as part of moving your house contents.


The cost of moving a pool table depends on many factors, such as:

  • The location of the pool table.
  • The access for the truck to load and unload the pool table.
  • The size of the pool table.
  • How many pieces of slate make up the pool table.
  • How many removalists are need to move the pool table.
  • The distance the pool table is moving.
  • Additional items moving with the pool table.

In terms of dollar cost for moving a pool table, prices are:

  • The cost to move a pool table with the contents of your home is $175 to $225.
  • A cost for an internal 7ft or 8ft pool table in the same home with no stairs or steps would be between $300 to $350.
  • The cost to move a pool table in the same suburb would be between $350 to $450.
  • Costing to move a pool table with half an hours travel between homes would be $380 to $480.
  • Price to move a pool table an hour away between suburbs would be $450 to $550.
  • The cost to move a pool table from Melbourne to regional Victoria is $714 to $1837.

To know how to safely move a pool table, snooker table or billiards table, you first need to understand how the table was put together. Answer these questions before even laying a finger on the table:

  • What size is the pool table?
  • What weight is the pool table?
  • How many pieces of slate make up the snooker table?
  • How was the billiards table moved into the home?
  • What limitations will I encounter during the removal of my pool table?
  • What equipment do I have access to reduce the load on my body?
  • Do any of us have any previous experience moving a snooker table?
  • Does the vehicle have a hydraulic lift to load and unload the pool table?

If you understand the above questions and feel confident, then follow these steps to move your pool table:

  • Examine the room to see any issues you could have when lifting, lowering or moving the pool table?
  • Check to see if the table is a pub style, lift or traditional pool table.
  • Place the pool table dolly on the side of the pool table you will load first.
  • Prepare your moving pads in the proper position to protect the pool table and flooring.
  • Remove the legs off one side for a traditional pool table or pad the lift for a pub-style or lift-off table.
  • Lower the snooker table onto the dolly and ensure no movement.
  • Lift the billiards table up and make sure it is level on the dolly.
  • Brace and level the pool table so it supports its own weight
  • Pad and protect the table, legs and accessories during moving.
  • Load the snooker table onto your hydraulic lift while holding with two hands.
  • Use the foot controls on the lift to make the tailgate level with the truck.
  • Further blanket and protect the billiards table and then tie in securely.
  • Ensure there is no movement and then chock the pool table dolly.
  • Reverse the procedure at the delivery home ensuring no damage occurs.

That is how you move a pool table.

Pool tables come in many sizes, but the first four are commonly found in peoples homes:

  • 6ft pool table – 6′ x 3′ – 1829mm x 914mm.
  • 7ft billiard table –  7′ x 3’6″ – 2134mm x 1067mm.
  • 8ft snooker table – 8′ x 4′ – 2438mm. x 1219mm.
  • 9ft pool table – 9′ x 4’6″ – 2743mm x 1372mm.
  • 10ft billiard table – 10′ x 5′ – 3048mm x 1524mm.
  • 12ft snooker table – 12′ x 6′ – 3658mm. x 1829mm.

We recommend a room size of the following for each pool table size table:

  • 6ft pool table – room size of 4.5m x 3.7m.
  • 7ft billiard table – room size of 4.9m x 3.9m.
  • 8ft snooker table – room size of 5.2m x 4m.
  • 9ft pool table – room size of 5.5m x 4.2m.
  • 10ft billiard table – room size of 5.8m x 4.3m.
  • 12ft snooker table – room size of 6.5m x 4.6m.

Most homes in Melbourne will be happy and get many years of play with an 8ft (great all-rounder) or 9ft table (if you have the room).

If you are planning on moving a pool table yourself or would like to know if your second storey floor can safely support a pool table before you purchase it, then I would recommend you know the weight of the pool table. A few factors make up the weight of a pool table:

  • Slate vs non-slate tables.
  • The thickness of the slate.
  • The type of wood used to build the frame.
  • How many legs the pool table gas.
  • If the legs are solid or hollow.

On average depending on the size of the pool table, the weight will roughly:

  • 6ft – 290kg – 310kg
  • 7ft – 300kg to 350kg
  • 8ft – 380kg – 420kg
  • 9ft – 500kg – 595kg
  • 10ft – 600kg to 750kg
  • 12ft – 800kg to 100kg

If you are purchasing a new table, the manufacturer will know the weight of the table. If you are shipping a snooker table from overseas, customs will weigh the table for their paperwork and if you are purchasing a second-hand table, please use the weight guide above.

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