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Moving Tips for a Smooth Sofa Move

Time for Relocation

Moving large and heavy items is not considered to be an easy task. A good plan and some friends to help you move your sofa are more than necessary, but kind of risky. This article will give you some tips of how to move your sofa with your friends easily.

Everyday life requires fast pace and flexible solutions in order to effectively cope with a difficult task, such as the transfer of a sofa. Undoubtedly, the best possible way to transfer your sofa safely is by hiring professional removalists to do the transfer for you.

Nonetheless, if you still want to do it all by yourself, you will surely need a bit of guidance. Nobody wants their belongings to be damaged during a move. Therefore, you should take great care of sofa’s moving, to assure that nothing will go wrong.

To this point, you have to make a good and detailed plan of how to achieve a stress free and safe relocation. This is the reason why you will find the moving tips of this article helpful.

Sofa Moving Tips
Sofa Easy Move

Moving Sofa Easily: Tips

The biggest risk when moving a sofa is to keep the fabric clean and not to tear it. If there are narrow hallways or doorways, this can make things more difficult. However, if you have a complete plan on how to overcome these difficulties, things will become simpler.

Cover up your Sofa

First of all, you need to make sure that your sofa will not be damaged during the move. You should pack it with plenty of tissues or, preferably, moving blankets in order to protect its surfaces from dirt and damage. Don’t forget to use a lot of moving tape to keep your packing materials in place.

Take out the Removable Pieces

Remove the sofa’s cushions and, if possible, the legs. This will make the transportation easier through the narrow passages. It will also make the sofa lighter and easier to carry!

Take Care of the Removed Items

Put the cushions into plastic bags in order to protect and keep them clean. In addition, keep the legs together in a pouch to make sure that you won’t lose them and cover them with plastic bubbles to avoid any possible damage.

Measure before you start

Before transporting the sofa, you must measure the dimensions of the sofa and, also, the dimensions of the aisles or doors between which you will move it. This way, you will be able to determine whether your sofa can be moved easily through your aisles or doors, or you need to make further preparations. Measure the width of your sofa and the height of its back and compare this to the width of the door. If the dimensions of your sofa are larger, you can’t transport it through the door.
Furthermore, there is another way to measure the sofa’s length and compare it with the door’s height. If the sofa’s dimensions are not longer than the door’s, you can pass the sofa through it upright, placing the sofa’s side at the bottom. In case that the sofa’s length is bigger than the door’s height you will have to be patient. Have two strong people to carry the sofa, one at each end.

Moves to Make for Efficient Sofa Transportation

Move the sofa slowly, keeping it on the side and having the seats facing inside. If needed, move gradually the sofa’s front end left or right, depending on the space you have available and lead the other person to follow your moves. This way your sofa will pass through the door easily.

What to Do with Stairs

If you have to climb stairs to move the sofa, ask some friends to help you. Move the sofa slowly, one step at a time; follow the same procedure if you need to climb stairs. In this case you must be careful not only for the furniture, but primarily for your personal safety.

Easy Sofa Move

Following these tips, you will be able to move your sofa easily. However, there is always the option of a professional moving company that would be able to move your sofa quickly and safely. Then you would save both a lot of time and unnecessary effort too. But if you still want to do it by yourself these tips will surely help you!

Sofa Tips