Pool Table Move

Move your Pool Table Easily

Pool Table

To relocate your pool table one of the points is to have a vehicle professionally set up to do this job. We believe we have set up our trucks as efficient as possible. One of the more important things to move your pool table safely is the way your vehicle is set up. We believe we have set up our trucks efficiently as it makes the move easier and safer as possible.

The best part about owning a Billiard table is all the fun and entertainment they bring, but with that comes the worry about something happening to them. This is especially the case if you have to move them to a different location. There’s the worry of it getting the slightest bump or scratch, or even worse the felt getting torn.

At Quick Pick Movers we make sure all your concerns are addressed, because we are experts in moving! We have the experience, knowledge and the equipment to handle the job, and have mastered the art of moving. These tables are beautifully crafted and we understand they require special care.

We love helping you organize your move and ensure we do it with ease. We make sure we have listened to what it is you want, because every customers needs are important. From the moment we arrive, we check the table thoroughly, before we begin to dismantle it. This requires care and attention to ensure it is done correctly. Firstly the legs are individually removed and set aside, and then the table is stood upright. We have special trolleys, which we use to move these pieces to the truck. These trolleys are designed for heavy lifting so they help to move the table to the truck with ease. Our trucks are fitted with hydraulic lifts, so the table is easily maneuver and lifted onto the truck easily, ensuring the safety of your table. Your table never touches the ground which is so important when it comes to protecting it from getting damaged. Once on the truck, the table and legs are all separately wrapped in a special thick protective covering, and then all pieces are securely positioned for minimal movement. They are then carefully transported to their new destination.

Once we arrive, we begin to unload the table and the same procedure is used, to take all the care necessary, to move it off the truck. Using the hydraulic lift, and the moving trolleys, it is taken to its new home. In its new home, we carefully reassemble the table exactly the way it was.
Our customers are so relieved to know we’ve taken care of all aspects of moving these heavy tables, as they can be quite bulky and awkward to move.
Having the freedom at this time, to be able to get on with other important things you need to do at this time helps you get your moving done faster and more efficiently.
It’s such a relief when it’s all done and over and the most important thing at this time is that you know everything to do with you moving especially the larger and heavier items have been done for you, leaving you free to attend to other important aspects of your moving.