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Pool Table Move

Pool Table
Move your Pool Table Easily

Pool Table Removal Process

Quick Pick Movers loves helping you organise your move, and ensure it will be done with professionalism and awareness. We assure you that we have taken into consideration what is that you want, because every customer needs are important.

From the moment we will arrive, we’ll check the pool table thoroughly, before we begin to dismantle it. This requires care and attention to ensure it will be done correctly. Firstly, the legs should be individually removed and set aside. Then the table is stood upright.

Once on the truck, the pool table and the legs will all be separately wrapped in a special thick protective covering, and then will be securely positioned for minimal movement. Then, they will be carefully transported to their new destination. We have special trolleys, which we use to move these pieces to the truck.

These trolleys are designed for heavy lifting, so they help to move the pool table to the truck with ease. Our trucks are fitted with hydraulic lifts, so the table is easily manoeuvre and lifted onto the truck, ensuring its safety. Your pool table will never touch the ground, which is so important when it comes to protecting it from getting damaged.

Why choose Quick Pick Movers

Hiring professionals for this difficult job, enables you to get on with other important things you need to do, and helps you get your moving done faster and efficiently.

It’s such a relief when it’s all done from professionals, and your bulky objects have been carefully transported to your new location. Therefore, you are free to attend to other important aspects of your moving.

At Quick Pick Movers we are experts in moving and assure you that all your needs will be addressed! We have the experience, the knowledge and the equipment to handle this job, and have mastered the art of moving. The pool tables are beautifully crafted and we understand they require special care.