Moving Yourself vs with Removalists

Moving Yourself vs with Removalists

When it’s time to move to another house, many things come to mind. Whether you are a single person or a family, there are things you have to consider before deciding the way you will move. The most important is the way yοu choose to move: by yourself, with removalists, or hybrid.

Quick Pick Movers provides you information about the pros and cons of the way you’ll choose.

Pros and Cons to Help You Decide the right method

Do It Yourself Pros

  • More Fun

Certainly, moving to another house is a pleasant process, especially if you are a single person or a young couple. Doing this by yourself or with your friend’s help, will be a story to tell in the future!

  • Save Money

Moving to another house is not an affordable process. More and more people think about the cost and prefer the DIY way to move, because it is much more inexpensive. If you have a truck appropriate for this, you can save a lot of money.

  • Everything is up to You

You can pack your things the way you want, to make it easy to find whatever you need immediately.

Do It Yourself Cons

  • Time Consuming Process

Everybody has his/her daily routine -work, gym, or other activities- so the moving process will last much longer than it would if you were to choose removalists. Even if your friends help, it will take more time.

  • No Insurance

Doing it by yourself or with your friend’s help, it is very likely that you will damage something. Just because you are not professionals, you can cause or have accidents due to the lack of knowledge about how to move. Think about breaking your grandma’s vase. Certainly, you would not like it to happen. Also, it is dangerous to cause damage to the house, for which you may have to pay the expenses yourself.

  • Damages

If you don’t know how to pack your items or close the boxes, you could damage your items and yourself. Overloaded boxes, can either break and destroy the things inside the box, or cause you back pain.

Do It Yourself Pros vs Cons

Removalists Pros

  • Fast Procedure According to Schedule

The well-experienced employees will end the moving on time, without delays in conference with the DIY way. The removalists, having specialized knowledge on this subject, will finish packing and moving your belongings in a very short time.

  • Professionalism

Removalists know how to pack and place the boxes properly to avoid any damage. So, you will be sure that the transfer of your belongings to your new house will be done with great care and professionalism. You will have nothing to worry about!

  • Insurance

Unlike the DIY way, moving with removalists is the safest option. Removalists are well-trained for moving items, so there is no chance of damage. However, in case of damage to your items, the company will compensate you. Moreover, the same applies even in case of damage to objects or the house that you will be transported to.

Removalists Cons

  • Payment Required

Moving with removalists is a rather expensive process, as it includes packing, placement and transportation. Of course, the cost corresponds to the benefits, as removalists will do the job with excellent care and professionalism.

  • Typical Process

Unlike the DIY way of moving, this way will be a formal and not so fun process. However, especially if you are a family, the point of a move is not to take too long and get the job done right.

  • Undesirable Packaging

Since the carriers are also responsible for packing your items, it is possible that some items may not be packed the way you want. For example, items that you will need in the first few days may not be packed together, making it difficult for you to find them.

Removalists Pros vs Cons

Hybrid Model

For those who have not decided what they would prefer, the hybrid model is the best choice. You can decide which processes you want to take care of, such as packing, and the rest will be handled by the removalist company. In this way you save some money, place your items the way you want, and enjoy the experience yourself!

Make the Best Choice

For no loss and damage the best solution is to choose removalist company. Surely, it is an expensive process, however, you will be sure that everything will go smoothly! Whether you choose removalists or the hybrid model, the results will certainly be better.

Quick Pick Movers provides complete moving service and guarantees a superior and reliable moving experience, excellent results at reasonable prices! Τhe experience and skills of our removalists will meet your requirements.