Checklist for Long Distance Moves

You’ve made the decision, but don’t know where to start? Moving is always a difficult task that requires a lot of coordination and help from friends and family. The operation is complicated because of the long distances. This means that any long distance move really needs a well thought out plan and plenty of organisation.

To help you with this, we’ve put together a simple checklist of the most important things to think about, when organising your relocation. Be ready for your move, following our helpful checklist!

Checklist for Long Distance Moves

Planning your move

Making a plan before moving to a long-distance area, e.g., from Melbourne to Victoria, is perhaps the most important step that most people overlook. Planning is really essential to get everything done right and ready in time. Some first steps you can take are as follows:

Create a schedule

Perhaps the first thing you need to do is to set a moving date. Write down exactly what steps you will take and when you will take them. A good timeline is to start your preparations four to six weeks before your move date, so you have time to get everything done properly and without stress.
You can prioritize your tasks in what order you will do them. That way, you’ll know what is most urgent to take care of and what you can leave for last. This way you will eliminate the chances of forgetting something and going crazy at the end.

Let your business know

Whether you’ll be starting a new job in your new location, or continuing your old one remotely, it’s important to let your boss know about it. You need to inform them when you will be unavailable and if you will need to take time off so as to schedule it for you.
It is very important to do this in advance, so that you are not surprised if they cannot accept your request for a permit at the last moment. Once you have set the date of your move, you should also inform your bosses, either about the leave or your resignation, so that they can start looking for staff.

Book a removalist

While some moves can be DIY, moving to the country can be a little more difficult. Especially when you’re moving from Melbourne to Victoria. If you don’t have a big enough truck, it can cost you hours of driving between Melbourne and your new home in Victoria. A professional mover can help you save time and complete the move safely.
Another reason to book a mover is so that you can get a better, perhaps, deal, but more importantly to find someone available. In order to get the move right, the removalist company also needs to know, in advance, what kind of move they are going to undertake, so that they can prepare properly. Therefore, give the movers time to make sure that your move will be done exactly as it should be.

Organise your paperwork

Moving requires a lot of paperwork. Especially when you are moving to Victoria, which is far away from your place of residence, you have to organise all your paperwork, to be covered in your new place! Some of the things to think about are:

Government agencies

With your change of address, you must also make changes where you have your personal information listed. You need to change your address to all government agencies such as hospitals, insurance companies, the bank and inform the electoral office, the RTA, as well as the registration office.
Since these are important agencies that, at any time, you may need them, or they may send you an important document that you will not finally receive, you must make sure that you inform them.

Home insurance

When you buy or rent a new home you need to make sure that you take out home and contents insurance on your new home. This way you ensure that your home is insured whatever happens.
So don’t leave this important document for later.
As soon as the agreement to move into your new home is made, ask for a signature confirming your new home insurance.
Surely, this will give you peace of mind.

Subscriptions and mail

When changing house or even region, you know that you have to change a lot about your landline connection, your internet connection or even your TV connection. For this reason, you should first think about whether you want to stay with the same company or change.
Be sure to cancel and redirect any subscriptions, including internet and telephone services. That way you will be able to pay the final amount of the cancellation or transfer and continue to enjoy their services in your new home.

Transfer schools

If you have children, it is also important to inform their school before transferring them to their new school. In order for the school change to be done properly for the children, all their paperwork must be transferred to the new school, so that they do not miss a single day of classes.
To avoid stressing about this process, once you make the decision to move, let the school know about the change of school environment. They will definitely help you with your child’s transfer and the procedures to follow.

Packing and preparation

When moving to another house, there are steps you should take to prepare your belongings and your new home so that your move goes smoothly.

Plan your space

Measure the entrances at your new home to make sure that your furniture can fit through doors or windows. It’s also important to decide in advance where you will place your furniture and objects to avoid confusion on the moving day.
This way you’ll be sure which furniture is suitable for your new home and which you should leave behind. When you arrive at your new home, each piece of furniture will be quickly put in the right place without you having to think about it.

Clean the house

Before you move into your new home and place all the furniture in it, you need to take care of the cleanliness. This way you won’t have to clean every room during the moving process, delaying the moving job.
Also, make sure that the old house is clean before you leave it, to avoid complaints from the owner. However, when leaving the house, make sure all doors are locked and the hot water is turned off.

Pack your things and clearly label everything

The best thing to do is to start room by room packing the items you want to take with you to your new home. Once you’re done packing the contents of a room into boxes, write on the top side what’s included and for which room. That way you’ll know exactly which box is for each room.
For your convenience, have a separate box of things you will need to have on hand on the first day, in your new home. Clothes, food and toiletries are some of the things you will need to have separate, for the first few days.

Moving day

When the moving day arrives, have someone waiting for you at your new home, while you are at your old one helping the movers, and making sure every box is on the truck.
Upon arriving at your new home, let the movers know where to place your furniture and boxes. This way, all your items will be in your home in a short time, and you will be ready to start the unpacking process!

Packing and preparation

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